Former Division 1 Head Football Coach Tim Miller brings the passion and energy developed through his years as a football coach to the stage using both comedy and hypnosis. Within the first 6 months of producing the show, StageHypnosisLive.com was hired for major venues such as PA State Election Committee Annual Event, ESPN Radio, Ripley's Believe It or Not (NY), Top 5 Corporations and Times Square NY on New Years Eve. During the first 10 months, StageHypnosisLive.com was awarded Best of 2015 by national entertainment booking website, Gigmasters. Tim can accommodate all groups providing an incredible funny and entertaining show. From cruise ships and casinos to schools, private and corporate events, the material is adapted to match the audience. You will witness your friends, family, co-workers and other audience members have the time of their lives while under hypnosis. The great thing about stage hypnosis is the star could be YOU and/or members of your group. The possibilities are endless, from a participant acting as if they were a famous entertainer to a man believing he is pregnant, you will not be disappointed. If you have special request, be sure to speak with Tim about the request when booking. With Stage Hypnosis, there is never a repeat show performance. All shows are unique. Tim also has developed a RE/MAX Real Estate Team that often ranks in the top 20 in the PA and Delaware area. Because of his diversity, he is a perfect match for corporate events with his experience in business. Along with this, schools can be assured that Tim understand the liability and responsibility needed while performing in the school setting since he served many years as a certified PA Teacher. Tim understands the challenges faced with school administrators and will quickly rest their mind at ease. We hope to have the opportunity to be a part of your event. This is an incredibly fun experience that allows members to relax, laugh and build memories.

"Myths About Hypnosis"

I am afraid that you will force me to become hypnotized.
Impossible In order to become hypnotized, a person must have a sincere desire to experience hypnosis.
Only weak willed and/or unintelligent people can be hypnotized.
The exact opposite is actually true. Studies show that the more strong willed and intelligent a person is, the easier and faster a person goes into a trance state of hypnosis.Remember, only people with a desire can become hypnotized.
Can I become Hypnotized?
Yes. The only thing in this world that can prevent a person from becoming hypno tized is themselves. Your response to hypnosis can change from day to day. Come with a sincere interest to experience what hypnosis has to offer.
I do not want to volunteer because I'm afraid I will do something extremely embarrassing.
When an individual is under hypnosis, they are still in complete control. Hypnosis allows a person to be in such a relaxed state, a state which removes stress and worry. This allows a person to simply follow suggestions to have fun. It is that simple When you volunteer, you will be the life of the party!!!!
What happens if I get stuck in hypnosis?
As mentioned above, you remain in control during hypnosis. If we just left you in a trance state, you would simply wake up as time went on and return to normal. At the end of our shows, though, the volunteer is brought out of hypnosis in a positive and gentle way. This allows the volunteer to feel totally relaxed, full of energy and ready for the party to continue. One hour of hypnosis is equal to approximately 8 hours of sleep.

What should I expect when hiring StageHypnosisLive.com

  • Hysterically funny event for all ages and interest levels. No two shows are ever the same. Appropriate for all venues. Each show is customized to match the event and audience.
  • Shows are very energetic and motivating. Your group will leave with lasting memories.
  • StageHypnosisLive.com carries $2,000,000 in liability insurance
  • Cleared criminal background checks for all members of show (essential for educational events)
  • A safe event. Tim has extensive experience in both the educational and corporate world. He served as a certified teacher and coach for many years, along with developing a top 20 RE/MAX Real Estate Team in Pennsylvania. He understands the challenges CEO and School Administrators face regarding liability and code of ethics. His shows are always designed to match the audience.
  • Understands the challenges CEO and School Administrators face regarding liability and code of ethics. His shows are always designed to match the audience.


what we offer

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Man Gives Birth at Valley Forge Casino


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Tim is MISSING the back of his Pants


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Hypnotized Man Is Top World Exotic Dancer (dances for wife)


Upcoming Events

Secrets Resort – Los Cabos – March 18, 2017
Rider University – Tuesday, March 28th
Dreams Resorts – Los Cabos, Mexico March 20, 2017
Denver Community Day – Saturday, April 1st
Virginia State University – Thursday, April 27th – Anderson Turner Auditorium/Virginia Hall
Private Event – Milestones – West Chester – April 29th
Shows in Los Cabos, MEXICO May 5th to May 14th – Interested in traveling with us? Send an email
Garnet Valley High School – Saturday, May 27th
Cedar Crest College – Private Show – June 5th


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